Ejector sleeves aid demolding of complex parts

Nov. 19, 2020

Ejector sleeves Hasco offers a range of metric ejector sleeves, injection mold components that are used in conjunction with ejector pins to demold finished parts.  

What’s new? The Z4501 line of sleeves, which are available with a longer, precision-machined guide bore of 100mm, allowing for a much longer ejection stroke. This makes them especially suited for demolding parts with complex shapes. Made of through-hardened hot-working steel, the components have a high core strength and are not nitrided, allowing them to be modified by the mold maker. They can be nitrided or coated after modification. Twenty-four standard sizes are available from stock. 

Benefits Reliable demolding of complex parts. The sleeves have a stepless transition area to the guide bore, preventing damage to the ejector pins during longer strokes. They simplify the mounting of ejector pins. Additionally, the sleeves can be cut to length, making them a versatile option for making repairs to standard ejector sleeves. 

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