Autonomous mobile robot handles hefty loads

Sept. 15, 2020
Omron's sturdiest robot ever, the HD-1500, can handle payloads up to 3,306 pounds.

HD-1500 The HD-1500 autonomous mobile robot (AMR) from Omron can handle transportation tasks that would normally require a forklift and an operator, freeing up workers to perform other jobs. It has Omron’s suite of safety features, with a 360-degree safety system, scanning lasers, and 70 safety patterns that adjust the AMR’s motions to the conditions it encounters.

What’s new? The HD-1500, Omron’s most powerful AMR ever, able to carry six times the payload of the company's next-strongest AMR.

Benefits Heavier payloads. With a maximum load of 3,306 pounds, the HD-1500 can automate transport of heavy items such as large mold and tooling workpieces, pallet-size loads of pellets or liquids, and heavy goods and equipment. The HD-1500 supports standard pallet sizes, and Omron's PLC and wireless technologies mean it can join a mixed fleet of up to 100 AMRs. 

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