Hasco expands line of locating rings for injection molds

Aug. 26, 2020
A deeper locating depth of 8mm reduces the chance that the mold will wobble or tilt during installation.

Locating rings Hasco’s locating rings are used to ensure that injection molds are mounted in the machine precisely and securely. They come in several styles and are compatible with the company’s sprue bushings and thermal insulating sheet.   

What’s new? Additional sizes. Now the Z7511 and Z7516 locating rings for the fixed half of the mold and the Z7520 and Z7525 models for the moving half of the mold come in the same range of diameters, from 60mm to 250mm. Additionally, many of the locating rings are also available with an 8mm locating depth, in addition to the standard 4mm depth. 

Benefits Secure, precisely centered molds. Locating rings with the 8mm locating depth further reduce the chance that the mold will wobble or tilt during installation. 

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