Efficient, flexible setups with Haas unit

July 20, 2020
The VC-400's pallet-changing capabilities let one job run while the next is being set up.

VC-400 This vertical machining center from Haas takes the versatility of the company’s VF Series of machines and adds the pallet-changing capabilities of its EC-400 HMC. It can handle smaller mold and tool jobs, and its pallet changer allows the operator to set up the next job while the current one is running.

What’s new? The VC-400, which is scheduled to begin delivery in the fourth quarter.

Benefits Flexible production. The pallet changer can handle both high-volume work and a mix of different jobs. With the addition of a six-station pallet pool and a 50-plus-one tool changer, both optional, operators can set up multiple jobs to begin running lights-out production with the push of a button before going home.  

Haas Automation Inc., Oxnard, Calif., 805-278-1800, www.haascnc.com

Vital statistics
X-axis travel 22 inches
Y-axis travel 16 inches
Z-axis travel 20 inches
Table length 22 inches
Table width 14.5 inches
Maximum part diameter 22.5 inches
Maximum part height 20 inches
Maximum weight on table 880 pounds