Rotating cube mold speeds cycle times

June 26, 2020
Foboha's Reverse Cube can produce different parts with different materials on a single machine.
Reverse Cube Foboha’s new mold design divides a rotating cube mold in half horizontally, with each cube half thermally separated from the other. The halves turn in 90-degree increments in opposite directions before each injection cycle. Finished parts are removed after each half-rotation. A monitoring system regulates and oversees the quality of the parts, while a second system controls the condition of the injection molds and cavities.

What’s new? The technology, which is currently only available for use with the Allrounder Cube injection molding machines from Arburg.

Benefits Versatility, better product quality, faster cycle times and cost savings. Molders who use the Reverse Cube can produce and assemble different parts from different materials on the same injection molding machine. Being able to make related mold parts in the same mold makes tracing and troubleshooting problems easier. In addition, compared with molding parts separately in different presses, molding with the Reverse Cube is significantly faster and less costly.

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