Moldex3D webinar examines how to best build and run a mold

May 6, 2020

Moldex3D and ProCAD Technologies are offering a free webinar “Fix the runner system or redesign the part? Which is cheaper and more effective?” at 2:30 p.m. EDT May 13.

The webinar will explore how to best build and run a mold to support the final molded part’s requirements at a competitive price. Injection molders, mold builders, engineers and purchasing agents are often faced with this issue.

Many times at project start-up, molding risks are not fully understood, or cost priorities take precedence over product performance. After these decisions are made, short-term fixes are often taken trying to salvage a difficult molded part with the cheapest solution. But cheap solutions often end up being far more problematic and costly than planning and designing the process the right way from the beginning.

In this webinar, ProCAD Technologies, an engineering company that specializes in plastic product development, mold design, computer simulation and the manufacturing process, will follow an actual case study that was completed on an existing product. It will review the process starting from identifying issues in the existing product and mold design, analyzing the root cause of the problem, reviewing options and verifying those options to create the best plan of action.

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