DME's inserts add permanent QR codes

May 19, 2020
DME’s stainless-steel mold inserts make QR codes a permanent feature of injection molded parts.

Mold inserts DME’s new stainless-steel mold inserts are used to imprint QR codes into injection molded parts. They are available with diameters of 10mm, 16mm and 20mm and are customized for each customer. QR codes, which can be read using a smartphone, can provide product instructions, safety information, options for reordering, marketing materials and other types of information to end users.  

What’s new? The inserts, and their ability to permanently embed a QR code into a part, instead of printing it onto the product or on a label.  

Benefits Permanency and cost-effectiveness. Unlike printed QR codes, molded-in codes won’t wear off or smudge. Additionally, the inserts eliminate costly secondary operations and can easily be replaced to update the QR code.  

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