Loading devices handle heavy workpieces

May 5, 2020
Erowa has added to its Erowa Robot Easy line with a machine that has a transfer capacity of up to 1,756 pounds.

Erowa Robot Easy This line of automated, compact loading devices is designed to move workpieces mounted on Erowa pallets in and out of the work cells of CNC machines used by mold makers. The pallets are sold separately in a variety of sizes and models. They offer a standardized interface between the machine and workpiece and allow workpieces to be transferred in and out of machining centers in an extremely repeatable way. 

What’s new? The Erowa Robot Easy 800, so named because of its transfer capacity in kilograms. Depending on the pallet that is used, 12 magazinecan be loaded with workpieces. With Erowa’s MTS 400 pallet, the maximum weight that can be loaded on an entire magazine is 7 tons.  

Benefits The safe, efficient, automated loading and unloading of large and heavy workpieces. 

Erowa Technology Inc., Arlington Heights, Ill., 847-290-0295, www.erowa.com  

Vital Statistics

Erowa Robot Easy 800

Payload  1,756 pounds 
Size of workpieces that can be handled by the robot  2.8 feet by 3.3 feet 
Transfer axis  6.6 feet 
Footprint  20 square feet 
Applicable machine table heights  2.5 feet to 3.3 feet