Hasco split mold kits come in variety of styles

May 5, 2020
The split mold kits come in two basic types: ejector and stripper.

Split mold kit Split molds allow injection molded parts with complex geometries such as undercuts to be easily demolded. Hasco’s kits for creating split molds are available in eight basic sizes, each of which has five possible split heights. The have a roomy open position and pose no limitations on the shape of the cavity or the configuration of the cooling channels. Possible mold sizes range from 3.9 inches by 5.1 inches to 11.7 inches by 11.7 inches. Split heights range from 0.63 inch to 2.7 inch.  

What’s new? The kits, which come in two basic types: ejector and stripper.  

Benefits Simplified construction of split molds that have harmonious mold movements and homogeneous distribution of forces.  

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