Fastems software manages jobs for mold makers

May 8, 2020
The MMS package has a new module for predictive scheduling of stand-alone machining tools and other manually operated workstations.

MMS This production planning and execution software from Fastems is designed for mold makers and other users of machining centers, lathes and metal-cutting equipment. It automatically calculates optimal workflows and the resources needed to fulfill particular orders. The MMS software also automatically adjusts to changes in the factory’s production schedule and displays information relevant to maintaining output. 

What’s new? The Work Cell Operations (WCO) module. The new module brings automatic, predictive scheduling to stand-alone machining tools and other manually operated workstations.  

Benefits Simplified planning, control and monitoring of the status and output of stand-alone workstations. The module gives operators clear, prioritized work lists and easy access to production documents and instructions. The WCO increases equipment utilization, production output and delivery reliability, and decreases lead times.  

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