PLASTICS launches Flexible Film Recycling Alliance

March 15, 2024
The FFRA's purpose is educating the public about flexible plastic film's sustainability.

The Flexible Film Recycling Alliance (FFRA), a new initiative of the Plastics Industry Association (PLASTICS), Washington, is setting out to educate the public on the sustainability of flexible plastic film products. Its goals include improving the recycling of flexible film products by working to accelerate recycling rates.

The FFRA will convene industry representatives from across the flexible film supply chain to develop solutions to address the challenges surrounding the recycling of flexible films and bags. It plans a plastic film recycling directory for use by both consumers and industry. It will promote the sustainability benefits of flexible plastic film products, along with the most responsible uses of the products and ways to recycle them.

“Our first priority for the Flexible Film Recycling Alliance is to ensure that consumers know where to recycle and feel confident that the materials they correctly dispose of are recycled into new products,” said Patrick Krieger, PLASTICS VP of sustainability.

FFRA members will include representatives from the full plastics supply chain, as well as like-minded organizations and associations. Parties interested in learning more about FFRA may contact [email protected].