NPE2024: Poised to change the way people think about trade shows

May 15, 2023
PLASTICS gears up for triennial show by posting record-breaking numbers for floor space sold to prospective exhibitors.

As readers of Plastics Machinery & Manufacturing know, the Plastic Industry Association’s (PLASTICS) triennial NPE: The Plastics Show is the largest plastics products, materials and manufacturing show in the Americas, representing the full plastics ecosystem and supply chain. While COVID concerns forced PLASTICS to cancel NPE2021, NPE2024 is now on the horizon and already breaking records.   

In March at the NPE2024 Space Draw, a record-breaking 1,024,462 square feet of exhibit space at Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center (OCCC) was sold, up from 1,003,363 square feet sold at the Space Draw for NPE2018, which itself was a record. And interest in exhibiting at NPE2024 continues to build. As of the most recent count, OCCC’s West Hall is 100 percent sold out. As this piece is being written, 97 percent of the South Hall is sold out with inquiries about available space still coming in. 

“The NPE2024 show floor continues to fill up at a record pace,” said Susan Celli, senior director for exhibit sales and sponsorship for PLASTICS. “We are proud of the incredible results we’ve achieved this early in the show cycle.”  

Creating an experience 

The goal of NPE2024 is to set a new high bar in the history of NPE. “We have trade show specialists with very specific skillsets bringing expert focus to every aspect of NPE2024,” said Glenn Anderson, COO of PLASTICS. “Our goal is to not only provide a fabulous stage for our exhibitors, but to give each and every exhibitor and attendee an unforgettable, exciting and enriching experience.” 

That experience has already begun with a whole new approach to onboarding, featuring informative webinars for exhibitors; two have been presented thus far, and the NPE team is exploring additional options using the format.  

But it’s when exhibitors and attendees step onto the show floor in Orlando that they’ll be met by an experience unlike any other an NPE audience has ever had. “The NPE2024 team is working on several brand-new education and networking opportunities,” Anderson said, “and we look forward to sharing them with you this fall when registration opens.” 

Talking the talk, and walking the walk 

Sustainability isn’t just a category for NPE2024; it will be happening onsite every day of the event. An entire, tented recycling center will be set up in the parking lot, with the goal of diverting 100 percent of the recyclable plastic content generated during the event. 

Anderson, who served as chair for NPE2018, said, “We successfully diverted 89 percent of the plastic generated at NPE2018. This time around, we’ve made significant enhancements to the program to get us closer to our 100 percent diversion goal.” 

The sustainability momentum will continue even after the NPE2024 is over. Exhibitors will be offered end-of-show recycling and donation opportunities for furniture and fixtures they don’t want to ship back home. 

Registration for NPE2024 will launch on Sept. 12, 2023. Anyone interested is encouraged to visit and follow NPE2024 on social media for updates.