High-heat Rechner sensor targeted at resin drying applications

Feb. 23, 2021
The KA7000 sensor can be installed on existing equipment anywhere end users need level control.

KA7000 This capacitive sensor from Rechner is targeted at resin drying applications. While appropriate for use by OEMs, the sensor can be installed on existing equipment anywhere end users need level control. The KA7000 has a polyamide housing made to withstand the harsh conditions of plastics processing. The device is water- and dust-tight and has a sensing range from 2mm to 25mm.  

What’s new? The sensor, and its heat resistance. The KA7000 can withstand higher operating temperatures than standard capacitive sensors, making it suited for applications with temperatures of up to 248 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Benefits Level sensing in high-heat locations. Additionally, the sensor exhibits excellent resistance to abrasion, static electricity and vibration.  

Rechner Electronics Industries Inc., Sanborn, N.Y., 800-544-4106, www.rechner.com