Tederic updates, expands two-platen series

May 24, 2024
Compact Neo.HII injection molding machines offer clamping forces from about 600 tons to over 7,700 tons.

Neo.H These two-platen servo-pump presses from Tederic can be used by custom molders and manufacturers of a variety of parts, including automotive and appliance parts, as well as trash cans and totes. They use an electric screw drive. 

What’s new? The next generation in the series, the Neo.HII. Since introducing the series, Tederic has made available bigger injection molding machines; the upgraded series now also includes three wider-platen models, and many models have increased tie-bar spacing. They are available with clamping forces ranging from about 600 tons to over 7,700 tons. The company also has upgraded the series with the latest-generation Inovance drives and a new motor-pump system.  

Benefits Compact design and fewer parts and seals. Among other changes, Tederic has made the main clamping cylinders an integrated part of the fixed-platen casting of the machines, reducing the number of parts and seals required for each assembly. This creates more accessibility to the nozzle area. 

Tederic North America Machinery Inc., Palmetto, Fla., 941-323-9081, www.tederic-na.com 

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