Boy cooling system monitors, records data

May 28, 2024
Currently an option, the system displays information on the IMM's screen, and will be a standard feature in the future.

Injection molding machines (IMMs) Boy Machines’ IMMs range from the ultra-small, 6.9-ton XXS, to the 137.5-ton 125 E. The company touts their precision, compact size, stingy energy consumption, compliance with clean-room requirements and ease of integration with peripheral equipment.

What’s new? Availability of an optional cooling water distribution system that digitally records the set flow rate of cooling water for injection molds and displays the information on the IMM’s screen. It monitors and records process data, and provides graphics about preset target quantities and tolerances. Users also can measure and record temperature. Target quantities and tolerances can be set. In the future, the system will be standard.

Benefits The ability to monitor yet another data point, to improve the quality of the injection molding process.

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