Chillers updated to be more eco-friendly

Dec. 6, 2023
Thermal Care made changes to accept low-Global Warming Potential refrigerants.

Low GWP chiller Thermal Care makes a wide range of chillers, including portable, packaged and central chillers. The company recently updated its chiller product lines to be compatible with EPA-approved low-Global Warming Potential (GWP) R‐454B and R‐513A refrigerants. High-GWP refrigerants that are commonly in use for chillers, including R‐134a and R‐410A, are facing impending regulations to phase them out from governments around the world. Thermal Care has researched and prepared for these changes for the past two years to begin producing multi‐refrigerant compressors and the other critical components that would make these products possible.

What’s new? Chillers compliant with low-GWP refrigerant regulations, which began shipping in June.

Benefits Future-proof compliance. Thermal Care said 12 states will require low-GWP refrigerants in 2024, and an additional 11 states are considering it. By researching and producing components that can handle the different thermodynamic properties low‐GWP refrigerants while providing the same cooling capacities and physical dimensions as its previous products, Thermal Care provides its customers an advantage over manufacturers that have not yet prepared for the transition.

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