Engel controller offers more customizability

Dec. 1, 2023
New CC300 plus makes frequent mold setup easier, and is available as an upgrade to the CC300.

Injection molding machines (IMMs) Engel’s portfolio of presses includes two-platen machines, toggle machines, and both horizontal and vertical tie-bar-less machines. With clamping forces ranging from about 31 tons to over 6,000 tons, the machines can be powered in a variety of ways — the Engel stable includes hydraulics, hybrids and all-electrics. 

What’s new? Engel’s CC300 plus controller, which was developed in response to feedback from the company's customers. This optional upgrade of Engel’s original CC300 control introduces a new three-panel structure with double-swivel mechanisms and adds new input options, including eight pairs of push buttons. Like the original, it features a 21.5-inch touch screen display. 

Benefits Improved ergonomics and increased customization. The three-panel design allows the operator greater adjustment freedom to optimize comfort and efficiency, and the panels return to the preferred position saved for each user who logs on. Each button is individually assignable, making it easy to switch between tasks such as controlling core pulls, a cell’s robot and injection molding processes. The buttons also provide haptic feedback. Meanwhile, the e-move control wheel – a common feature of the CC300 control unit family that makes it easy to manually cycle through multiple functions – has had its function sequence updated, and the sequence can be customized for each user. Production cells equipped with the CC300 can be upgraded to the CC300 plus, which is well-suited to operations that require frequent mold setup, such as for small batches.  

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