EcoPower machines boast new controls, greater efficiency

Sept. 25, 2023
Wittmann plans to show the new EcoPower B8X – which also has new injection units and clamping force improvements – at Fakuma.

EcoPower  This series of Wittmann injection molding machines (IMM) is part of the company’s Power portfolio, which also includes the SmartPower and MicroPower machines. It is suited to making very precise parts. Equipped with a compact injection unit, the beltless EcoPower boasts a highly efficient direct drive and small footprint. The braking energy of the drives provides the necessary voltage for the control system and for barrel heating.  

What’s new? The EcoPower B8X, which Wittmann plans to display at Fakuma 2023. So-called because it’s connected to Wittmann’s B8X control, the EcoPower B8X IMM features new, finer-grade injection units that are lubricated by oil, rather than grease. Models with clamping forces of up to 300 tons will be available in the U.S. in time for NPE2024. While more information will be available at the show, Wittmann has released that it plans to make machines with clamping forces ranging from 62 tons to 200 tons available in Europe.  

Benefits Repeatability, precision, low energy consumption and shorter controller response times. The new injection units allow users to make more accurate adjustments, and some of the units come in Plus versions, which double their speed. To facilitate barrel changes, the units are pivotable and equipped with a sum connector, which automatically calculates the screw diameter. The injection units enable customers to adjust their machine more accurately, and their design reduces mechanical resistance. In addition to other upgrades, the force required for clamping force build-up has been reduced by 15 percent, which reduces stress on the servo motors and leads to further energy-consumption reduction. 

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