Karter AMRs offer exceptionally fast charging

Sept. 19, 2023
The high-payload vehicles can charge enough for an 8-hour shift in as little as 10 minutes.

AMRs Weighpack subsidiary Karter has released three new autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) that can handle applications ranging from intralogistics and manufacturing to transportation of heavy products and components. Rather than relying on lines, bar codes or reflectors to navigate, these robots employ lidar laser scanners and the Autonomous Navigation Technology, or ANT, server from its partner, BlueBotics, to map features within a facility, using them to guide their route. The lidar constantly scans the environment so the AMRs can avoid obstacles and stop safely if there is an object or person in their way.

What’s new? Three AMR models: The Karter Kompakt, an automated pallet truck with a maximum payload of 3,306 pounds; the Karter Lyft, an autonomous low-lift (1.6 feet) forklift that can carry pallets weighing up to 2,204 pounds; and the Karter Mono, an AMR that can carry a wide range of payloads including roller cages and boxes weighing up to 3,306 pounds.

Benefits Simple setup. Users drive a unit around the building under manual control for it to scan the area and create a map. The map is then cleaned up and uploaded. Karter AMRs provide a position accuracy of plus or minus 0.39 inch and have a standard speed of 1.2 mph, with an option to reach 2.4 mph. Just 10 minutes of charging can provide eight hours of typical operation.

Karter, The Hague, Netherlands, 31-70-306-7100, www.karter-amr.com

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