Autonomous forklift transports pallets safely

Aug. 3, 2023
ForwardX Robotics’ Apex C1500-L uses a suite of sensors to navigate in busy environments.

Apex C1500-L ForwardX Robotics’ Apex line of autonomous forklifts, which includes the Apex C1500-L, can fully automate pallet movement in a facility. Using multiple sensors and computer vision, Apex can identify both static and mobile obstacles. It notes real-time changes in its environment to provide 360-degree detection and avoidance, and can adjust to the angle of offset pallets. The Apex line is compatible with GMA and Euro pallets, and can wirelessly communicate to coordinate movements with other automated mobile robots (AMRs) and automation equipment.

What’s new? The Apex C1500-L.

Benefits Safety, efficiency and flexibility. Its suite of computer vision and sensors allows the Apex C1500-L to safely navigate busy work environments. With its fully autonomous capabilities, it can operate 24/7 while freeing up employees for higher-value tasks, and it can navigate without relying on fixed routes, so it can adapt to people and other equipment moving on a plant floor.

ForwardX Robotics, Chicago, 617-510-9047,
Vital Statistics
Length, width, height8.1 feet by 3.6 feet by 7.2 feet
Maximum lifting height9.9 feet
Maximum payload3,306 pounds
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