Universal screw works with MuCell process

Aug. 4, 2023
KraussMaffei’s HPS-Physical Foaming screw is designed to allow molders to use multiple materials in physical foaming processes.

MuCell This physical foaming process for injection molding, developed by Trexel, adds a physical blowing agent, usually nitrogen, to the melt and allows users to produce lighter parts. Compared with conventional molding methods, the process uses less material and produces a smaller carbon footprint.  

What’s new? KraussMaffei’s HPS-Physical Foaming universal screw for MuCell, designed to allow molders to use multiple materials in physical foaming processes. It incorporates a modular concept that allows users to bolt on appropriate screw components to deal with different materials, as well as variable fiber or filler proportions. KraussMaffei conducted trials with a range of materials, comparing the performance of traditional screws to the universal screw’s capabilities when provided with different components in its mixing and gas-supply areas, center backflow barrier and three-zone area.  

Benefits Versatility. The new screw can be optimized for use with a range of materials, eliminating the need for a different screw to work with every material change. It also offers a 30 percent higher plasticizing performance than traditional screws, and it exhibits better wear behavior. 

KraussMaffei Corp., Florence, Ky., 859-283-0200, www.kraussmaffei.com 

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