Sacmi control package saves time, money

July 3, 2023
With Smart Pack, compression molding machine operators can perform predictive maintenance and monitor process thermal dynamics.

Smart Pack This new Sacmi control package includes hardware and software controls that help users monitor and operate the company’s latest-generation continuous compression molding (CCM) presses. It integrates multiple capabilities, with a user-friendly digital interface that gives operators control of pellet insertion and positioning, and detection of hydraulic oil quality and contamination. With it, users can perform predictive maintenance, and monitor process thermal dynamics to predict thermal drift and prevent condensation from forming on the molds.

What’s new? Smart Pack, Sacmi’s new control package.  

Benefits Time and cost savings. The hydraulic system monitoring can reduce maintenance costs by up to 66 percent, while the set-up time required for size or resin changes can be cut by as much as 50 percent. Preventing condensation can extend mold life, while monitoring thermal dynamics can improve molding process quality and improve the service life of machine components. Smart Pack can help prevent incorrect resin loading and cut pellet insertion times by up to 60 percent. Smart Pack also can be used on existing presses in the following versions: CCM24SF, CCM32MC, CCM48SD and CCM64MC.

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