Collaborative palletizer reaches higher than competitors' models

May 5, 2023
The BMG unit incorporates a Yaskawa HC30PL cobot, and has a maximum palletizing height of 9 feet.

Collaborative palletizer BMG incorporates a Yaskawa HC30PL collaborative robot in its collaborative palletizer system. Besides the cobot, the system includes a skid and tower weldment designed and manufactured by BMG, a vertical lift assembly from NAS, safety laser scanners and a safety controller from Sick Inc., Minneapolis, and end-of-arm tooling from J. Schmalz GmbH, Glatten, Germany. It can be set up and programmed in less than a day. The palletizer has a small footprint and can be moved between workstations with a forklift.

What’s new? The collaborative palletizer, which was introduced in March at ProMat.

Benefits More efficient palletization. BMG said that the collaborative system’s 9-foot maximum palletizing height reaches 30 percent higher than competitors’ models, allowing it to add up to 25 percent more product to shipments. It has a color touch screen and an intuitive interface that makes it easy to program, set patterns for palletizing and set up for new tasks. The palletizer is compact, fitting within 14 square feet, and saves more space by requiring no guarding for safe operation. The cobot arm has an IP67 rating, making it suitable for use in environments with dust and water challenges.

BMG, Knoxville, Tenn.,

Vital Statistics 

Maximum case weight

50 pounds

Pallet capacity

4 feet by 4 feet


14 square feet

Maximum vertical reach

9 feet

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