Pickit Version 3.2 introduces enhancements

Jan. 12, 2023
New camera, software upgrades improve depalletizing capabilities.

Pickit 3.2 Belgium-based Pick-it N.V. makes end-of-arm tooling, software and vision integration systems that allow robots to pick parts of different shapes, materials and sizes. Its systems can handle bin picking, machine tending and depalletizing tasks and integrate with a wide range of robots and cobots.

What’s new? Software and hardware enhancements. Version 3.2 introduces a new detection engine called DeepAL. The upgraded system also includes the M-HD2 camera, a new model that is lighter, more nimble, more accurate and has an ethernet connection.

Benefits Improved depalletizing capabilities. Pick-it 's DeepAL engine offers better detection of semi-structured parts like boxes, totes and buckets. The software also supports teaching 3D box models to make more parts pickable.

Pick-it USA Inc., Plymouth, Mich., 646-905-0833, www.pickit3d.com/en

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