Dr. Boy goes smaller with XS E

Dec. 27, 2022
With a clamping force of 11 tons, the new model, shown as a prototype at K 2022, is designed for parts that weigh less than 0.035 ounce.

By Ron Shinn

German manufacturer Dr. Boy GmbH & Co. KG, well-known for its small-tonnage injection molding presses, introduced its smallest model yet — the Boy XS E. The prototype shown at K 2022 will go into production in 2023 and replace Boy’s 14-year-old XS model. 

With a clamping force of 11 tons, the Boy XS E is designed for parts that weigh less than 0.035 ounce. 

At K 2022, one Boy XS E prototype produced PP assembly pins with a 15.6-second cycle time.  A second made egg cups from a styrene acrylic copolymer in a 28-second cycle. 

The Boy XS E is the first press equipped with Boy’s new cooling-water distribution system, which will become standard on all Boy molding machines in the future. 

The injection molding machine’s clamping unit is available with two different-size platen systems so standard mold sizes up to 160mm or micro-molds measuring 75mm by 75mm can be used. A 25mm height-adjustable plasticizing unit for decentralized injection is an available option. 

The cooling-water system is equipped with a digital flow measurement device. Temperature recording is also available. 

The Boy XS E is equipped with an energy-efficient servo drive.  

“In addition to the energy benefits provided by the drive technology of the E-series, the servo drive of the new Boy XS E also scores with its high dynamics and is extremely smooth running,” said Martin Kaiser, head of technology, in a news release. 

The Alpha 6 control, which will become standard on all Boy machines in 2023, also was shown for the first time on the Boy XS E. 

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