Engel foaming system serves multiple cells

Dec. 21, 2022
The process yields weight, energy and raw material savings.

e-foam XL multi system At K 2022, Engel displayed a system that allows plastics processors molding parts with structural foam to supply multiple cells all the necessary nitrogen from a single supply unit. On the show floor, the company used an Engel duo 1000 injection molding machine to produce lightweight sample parts with a very high-quality Class A surface.  

What’s new? The e-foam XL multi system, based on Trexel's MuCell technology and offered exclusively by Engel. 

Benefits Weight, energy and raw material savings. Structural foam molding generally can be performed at lower clamping forces and using less raw material than compact injection molding requires. Foam molding also allows for parts with thinner walls—a fact that can reduce cooling and cycle times, and cut costs.  

Engel Machinery Inc., York, Pa., 717-764-6818, www.engelglobal.com 

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