DCI500 inspects high-end preforms

Dec. 7, 2022
Delta Engineering’s integrated system avoids actions that could cause the preforms to be dropped or scratched.

DCI500 This inspection system represents a collaboration between Delta Engineering and Intravis Inc., Norcross, Ga., which supplied the cameras, lighting technologies and software. 

What’s new? The inspection system, which can be combined with three other new technologies — including the ETN500 take-out system, a DSC500 spray coater and DSB500 soft-drop unit — as a complete system that can inspect and transport preforms gently from station to station. 

Benefits Cost-effective, nondestructive inspection of high-quality preforms that will be used in high-end products, such as cosmetics bottles. Other methods involve preforms being ejected into bins, then fed into a vision system, then dumped again into a bin — a process that can result in damage. But Delta Engineering’s integrated system avoids actions that could cause preforms to be dropped or scratched. The DCI500 can inspect up to 20,000 preforms per hour, and can handle opaque or transparent preforms. 

Delta Engineering Inc., Norcross, Ga., 678-250-6356, www.delta-engineering-usa.com 

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