Large Maguire blenders gain 'bridge breaker' option

June 3, 2021
The automatic, pneumatically operated device is deployed inside the hopper and improves the flow of regrind, recycled plastics and other types of ingredients that can agglomerate or bridge.

Blenders Maguire’s 1200-, 2400- and 3000-series gravimetric blenders are the company’s largest, with maximum throughputs of 11,000 pounds per hour and the ability to blend as many as 12 ingredients. Their feeders, dispensing devices and removable hoppers allow for a wide range of configurations. The blenders can handle pellets, regrind, bulk powders, flakes and wood flour. A microprocessor adjusts from batch to batch to compensate for variations in the materials’ bulk densities and other factors, resulting in accuracy to within plus or minus 0.1 percent. 

What’s new? A bridge breaker, an automatic, pneumatically operated device that is deployed inside the hopper. Regrind, recycled plastics and other types of ingredients can agglomerate or bridge, obstructing their flow through the dispensing valve of the hopper. The bridge breaker consists of a hopper insert that directs material straight down onto the dispensing valve and a rotary device that operates automatically while the valve is open. The rotary device rapidly pulses between clockwise and counterclockwise movements. To compensate for the space occupied by the insert, the complete hopper assembly includes an extension to accommodate the desired quantity of material. The insert also can be retrofitted to existing equipment. 

Benefits Consistent and accurate dosing of materials that flow poorly.   

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