Absolute Haitian, iMFLUX reach distribution deal

May 3, 2021
Option will allow iMFLUX processing software to be integrated into Haitian’s servo-hydraulic and Zhafir electric injection molding machines.
Absolute Haitian
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Absolute Haitian and iMFLUX have created a partnership that will give molders in the U.S. and Canada the option to integrate iMFLUX’s processing software into Haitian’s servo-hydraulic and Zhafir electric injection molding machines.

The distribution deal will let conventional molders take advantage of the iMFLUX low-constant-pressure molding platform, which can optimize molding processes and make the use of post-consumer resin possible while minimizing energy use, wear and waste. Both companies plan virtual events to demonstrate the partnership in action — iMFLUX on May 25 and Absolute Haitian on June 10.

“We want to help injection molders in flexible ways that enable them to apply technology across their entire fleet of molding machines,” said Mike Ortolano, one of the owners of Absolute Haitian. “Our partnership with iMFLUX is a perfect fit with this approach. Integrating iMFLUX is expanding the capability of our machines.”

Based in Worcester, Mass., Absolute Haitian is the exclusive sales and service partner in the U.S. and Canada for Haitian International. IMFLUX is a wholly owned subsidiary of Procter & Gamble based in Cincinnati. Its processing software integrates machine learning to allow equipment to run more reliably with fewer operator adjustments.