Dynamic Conveyor product tailored to bottle preform production

May 6, 2021
The conveyor can fill gaylords unattended and protects the finish of preforms.

Preform conveyor Dynamic Conveyor has expanded its DynaCon line with a conveyor built for the needs of plastic bottle preform production. Its belt has a white PP base, with a co-molded white rubber top that protects the preforms from scuffs or blemishes as they fall from the injection molding machine onto the conveyor. The conveyor is built to keep up with the fast production pace of preforms, and as with other DynaCon conveyors, there is no need to shut down the line to make belt adjustments.

What’s new? The conveyor, which debuted in April.

Benefits Unattended operation. With gaylords parked under outlets along its length, the conveyor can fill one gaylord for a user-defined number of machine cycles. When that gaylord reaches the desired capacity, the conveyor begins filling the next gaylord by using a diverting arm or by changing the belt’s direction. The conveyor can fill gaylords for hours without human intervention and, given enough floor space, can be arranged to handle true lights-out production.

Dynamic Conveyor Corp., Norton Shores, Mich., 231-798-1483, www.dynamicconveyor.com