Plastixs unit prevents scale in high-temperature water-circulation

April 20, 2021
X-Pure supplies pressurized distilled water to water-circulation units, avoiding the potential damage caused by plate-out of contaminants.

X-Pure The hot, high-pressure conditions produced by high-temperature water-circulation units can cause contaminants in cooling water to “plate out” on molds and equipment that carries the cooling water. As little as 0.16 inch of scale buildup can hamper heat transfer as much as a layer of steel 3 to 5 inches thick. Plastixs’ X-Pure system supplies water-circulation units with a pressurized feed of distilled water, preventing scale buildup. Its stainless-steel 10-gallon tank and supply pump are mounted on a portable cart with locking casters.

What’s new? The X-Pure water supply system.

Benefits Time and cost savings. Rather than requiring downtime and expensive efforts to deal with scale, X-Pure prevents scale buildup, avoiding potential valve deterioration, equipment damage and inefficient heat transfer. X-Pure comes with a two-year warranty.

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