Kuka updates controller software, decreases size

May 5, 2021
The KR C5 micro works with a range of Kuka's smaller robots.

KR C5 micro This robot controller from Kuka works with the company’s entire Agilus family — the KR 4, KR 6 and KR 10 robots — which have payloads ranging from 8.8 pounds to 22 pounds. The controller will also work with other small robots Kuka plans to release this fall. It is compatible with Kuka’s smartPAD , which has a touch-screen display and can be used to program and operate all Kuka robots

What’s new? The controller. 

Benefits Backward compatibility. Because the KR C5 micro runs Kuka System Software (KSS) 8.7, it is backward compatible with programs written on its larger predecessor, the KR C4, which runs with KSS 8.6. The KR C5 micro is also more energy efficient because of its updated technology and software, it has fewer components for increased reliability and comes in a smaller, lighter package. It can be operated with the user’s choice of 25 languages.

Kuka Robotics Corp., Shelby Township, Mich., 800-459-6691, www.kuka.com

Vital statistics

Width, height and depth (in inches)

11.8 by 5.3 by 15.4

Weight (in pounds)


Internal storage

60 gigabytes