Third-generation Zhafir IMMs come to North America

April 26, 2021
New presses offered by Absolute Haitian boast a 10 percent decrease in dry-cycle times.

Zhafir The Zhafir family of electric injection molding machines offers clamping forces ranging from 44 tons to 3,709 tons. Third-generation Zhafir models include the all-electric Venus III, electric Zeres III and the two-platen Jenius III. These models feature software improvements like Motion Plus, which optimizes drive control, and Connectivity Plus, which makes integrating robotics and automation easier. All models have increased tie bar spacing, Industry 4.0 connectivity and a smaller footprint.

What’s new? U.S. and Canadian availability.

Benefits Faster cycling. All of the third-generation presses offer a 10 percent decrease in dry-cycle times. The new electric injection unit comes with either a single-, dual- or quad-spindle drive. Use of standardized components for clamp and injection units improves part availability and lowers cost of ownership.

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