Compact Yushin palletizing robots designed for injection molders

April 20, 2021
The PA-series of robots consists of two models, with payload capacities of 44.1 pounds and 88.2 pounds.

PA series Yushin has developed this palletizing robot series specifically for the packing and distribution needs of injection molders. PA-series robots have a space-saving design and an easy-to-use, 7.5-inch touchscreen control. 

What’s new? The series, which consists of two models: The PA20, which supports a payload of 44.1 pounds, and the PA40, which has a payload capacity of 88.2 pounds; the numbers in their names designate the robots’ capacities in kilograms.  

Benefits Automated, labor-saving palletizing. The control system is simple for beginners to use and makes it easy to change palletizing patterns. Additionally, the compact design allows for flexible placement on the warehouse floor.   

Yushin America Inc., Cranston, R.I.,