New Absolute Haitian machines offer multi-shot capabilities

April 27, 2021
The Zhafir Multi machines offer five configurations for the additional injection unit.

Zhafir Multi Absolute Haitian's Zhafir electric injection molding machines encompass the Zeres, Venus and two-platen Jenius models. They come in clamping forces ranging from 135 tons to 3,709 tons.

What’s new? Multi-shot capability. Absolute Haitian now offers a range of its electric presses in the Multi version, which can make multi-color or multi-material parts. This capability was previously only available in the company’s Iapetus II servo-hydraulic machines. The Zhafir Multi machines were introduced early this year in the U.S. and Canada.

Benefits Affordable entry into multi-component production. Available configurations for the additional injection unit in these Zhafir Multi machines include vertical, horizontal L, parallel, piggyback and opposing placement. User-friendly control technology makes it simple to operate the additional injection unit, connect to peripherals and automation and integrate with manufacturing execution systems.

Absolute Haitian, Worcester, Mass., 508-459-5372,

Vital statistics    

Zeres Multi

Venus Multi

Jenius Multi

Machine sizes available with Multi configuration (in tons)

135 to 731

135 to 731

405 to 3,709

Shot size available (in ounces)

0.67 to 34.57

0.67 to 34.57

Based on customer’s request