Absolute Haitian offers flexible co-injection options

May 17, 2021
Its add-on injection units can be mounted in a vertical or horizontal "L" configuration.

Add-on injection units The cost of a dedicated co-injection molding machine can deter molders from entering the market for parts with multi-color or multi-material requirements. Absolute Haitian has lowered the barriers to entering this market with its add-on injection units, which are compatible with nearly any make or model of injection molding machine. The add-on units have a shot size that ranges from 0.7 ounces to 8.3 ounces.

What’s new? Multi-component capabilities for standard presses. Absolute Haitian began offering these add-on injection units early this year.

Benefits Production flexibility. The plug-and-play units have their own power and drive sources, and can be mounted in either a vertical or horizontal “L” alignment. They can be moved and adapted to different machines to meet changing production requirements. Their user-friendly control technology makes it easy to integrate with the host machine for multi-component processes.

Absolute Haitian Corp., Worcester, Mass., 508-459-5372, www.absolutehaitian.com