Glycon enhances predictive maintenance system for screws, barrels

March 8, 2021
The use of the company's SmartBarrels and SmartPorts make the system more precise, reliable and rugged.

EMT Glycon’s electronic measurement and tracking (EMT) system provides predictive maintenance for the company’s injection molding, blow molding and extrusion feed screws and barrels.  

What’s new? The latest version of the EMT system. Enhancements include the company’s new specialized SmartBarrels, which feature strategically placed ports called SmartPorts. The ports allow access to the inside of the barrel for instruments that measure the gap between the inner diameter of the barrel and the outer edge of the screw flights. The measurements can be used to determine the rate of wear and predict when screws and barrels will need to be replaced. Previously, the company used electronic sensors permanently placed within ports to take continuous measurements, however, the high-heat environment was hard on the sensors, and continuous measurement proved unnecessary. Now the EMT system features Smartport plugs that are machined flush to the inner diameter of the barrel. Periodically, Glycon technicians can remove the plugs from a purged barrel that is at or near processing temperature and insert a sensor to measure screw wear. They also measure the plug; wear to the plug corresponds to barrel wear. The company downloads the measurements for each machine and transfers them to the customer’s online portal. Glycon maintains data on each machine, including installation date, initial measurements, type of material being processed, hours run, the amount of wear and rate of wear. 

Benefits More precise predictive maintenance and a more rugged and reliable system. By correlating wear data with process data such as pressure and throughput, Glycon can more accurately predict when screws or barrels will need to be replaced and can work with the processor to take steps to extend the life of the screw. The system eliminates the time-consuming and laborious process of shutting down the machine, pulling the screw and taking manual measurements.   

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