Conveyor built to transport large, heavy parts

March 4, 2021
Dynamic Conveyor's latest iteration of its Hybrid series combines a heavy-duty belt and a slider bed drop zone to bear the load.
Dynamic Conveyor Corp.
Dynamic Conveyor Hybrid Heavy Duty Angle Conveyor 602c63e7c9300

High-impact conveyor This line of conveyors from Dynamic Conveyor is especially suited to handling large, heavy injection molded plastic parts. The conveyors have a heavy-duty plastic link-style belt that is self-tracking and, unlike many other conveyor systems, doesn’t require tensioning or frequent replacement.

What’s new? Sturdy construction. The combination of the heavy-duty belt and a slider bed drop zone, which cushions the impact of heavy parts, lets this conveyor withstand repeated impact from heavy parts.

Benefits Durability. This version of Dynamic Conveyor’s Hybrid line can decrease the need for repairs, increasing uptime. And should repair be required, its plastic belt links and sidewalls are quick and easy to replace without specialized labor.

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