Redesign adds functionality to Sepro Success robots

March 5, 2021
The three largest robots in the portfolio now can be equipped with a two-axis servo wrist codeveloped with Yaskawa Motoman, turning them into five-axis Cartesian robots.

Success Sepro’s general-purpose, three-axis servo robots serve injection molding machines with clamping forces ranging from 20 to 700 tons. Launched a decade ago, the robots were designed to bring the speed and precision of three-axis servo operation to molders with simple pick-and-place and downstream tasks.  

What’s new? A major redesign. In addition to new streamlined styling, the three largest robots in the Success portfolio — with the Success Line X designation — now can be optionally equipped with a two-axis servo wrist codeveloped with Yaskawa Motoman, turning them into five-axis Cartesian robots. All the Success robots now have an extended standard demolding stroke. In some applications, this can allow them to work with a larger injection molding machine than previously would have been possible. For some models, a telescoping vertical arm is available to extend the vertical stroke by as much as 200mm. The company also has switched to cam follower bearings for the robots’ linear motions. 

Benefits Versatility. The five-axis-servo configuration of all Success Line X robots is faster, more flexible and more user-friendly than three-axis robots with pneumatic wrists. The all-servo wrists can be easily adapted with simple digital commands for faster production changeovers. Additionally, the robots can move in all five axes at the same time, allowing them to perform complicated motions, such as removing a large, complex part with minimal clearance between the mold halves or tie bars. The Success robots’ new cam follower bearings are more tolerant of dust and other contaminants than linear bearings, while providing more even weight distribution and smoother operation. In addition, setup and operation of the five-axis, Success Line X robots are highly intuitive, while programming is designed specifically for the requirements of injection molding. 

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