Fanuc cobot line makes teaching tasks easier

March 3, 2021
CRX line allows drag-and-drop programming by simply moving icons.

CRX cobots The CRX-10iA and the CRX-10iA/L cobots from Fanuc have a unique underflip motion that makes it easy for them to access parts behind them. They have a maximum load of 22 pounds. Operators have multiple methods of teaching tasks to the cobots, including guiding their arms into position manually.

What’s new? Drag-and-drop programming. Using the tablet iPendant, operators can simply maneuver icons on the touch screen, with no need for prior programming knowledge.

Benefits Ease of use. A simplified gripper connection speeds up gripper changes. The cobots’ small footprint and relatively light weight means they can be mounted on a platform or cart and easily brought to anywhere they are needed. The underflip motion allows for quicker access to parts, which can cut cycle times and improve ROI. The CRX cobots have an IP67 rating for use in environments with dust and liquid.

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Vital statistics



Maximum load at wrist

22 pounds

22 pounds


4.08 feet

4.66 feet


86 pounds

86 pounds