Pelletron upgrades DeDuster for plug-and-play functionality

Feb. 24, 2021
The C-20 DeDuster removes dust, angel hair and streamers from bulk plastic before these materials can enter injection molding machines or extruders.

C-20 DeDuster Pelletron’s deduster removes dust, angel hair and streamers from bulk plastic before it can enter injection molding machines or extruders. The C-20, which is suited for throughputs of up to 50 pounds per hour, can be installed directly on the machine throat or on upstream equipment such as blenders and dryers. It uses compressed air to uniformly distribute ions from an ion generator; this neutralizes static charges that hold dust onto the surface of the resin. The device’s dust collector, which is easy to empty without tools, features a cyclone separator and cartridge filter to process the air before it leaves the unit.   

What’s new? A redesign. Pelletron has added a vibrating pan-type feeder and also has upgraded features to make the deduster a plug-and-play device.  

Benefits The new features make the C-20 suitable for more applications, such as processing regrind. The vibrating pan-type feeder allows the operator to more accurately control the flow of solids into the DeDuster from upstream processes. Additionally, the deduster prevents problems like haziness, gels and black spots in molded and extruded products, reducing scrap rates and increasing profits. 

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