Hasco spiral core line gains stainless-steel versions

Feb. 10, 2021
The steel’s resistance to electrochemical corrosion makes the cores suited for medical molding and use in clean rooms.

Spiral cores Hasco’s spiral cores are injection mold components that transport cooling media, providing conformal cooling along bore walls.  

What’s new? Cores made from 1.4305 stainless steel. They join aluminum, brass and plastic versions. The spiral cores come in two styles: model Z9611, which is single-threaded; and model Z9612, which is double-threaded.  

Benefits Effective, homogeneous cooling of mold cores. The spiral design rapidly transfers heat for effective cooling and homogeneous temperature distribution. Because of the steel’s resistance to electrochemical corrosion, the cores are suitable for medical molding and use in clean rooms. Their durability also reduces maintenance requirements.  

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