Engel unveils its smallest e-speed press

Feb. 15, 2021
With clamping forces up to 650 tons, the e-speed 280 is optimized for molding thin-walled containers, buckets and lids.

e-speed This Engel series of injection molding machines with clamping forces up to 650 tons is designed for producing packaging in a continuous, energy-efficient manner. Combining an electric clamping unit with a hydraulic injection unit, the machines each have an inline injection unit with an electric plasticizing drive. They are designed for injection speeds of between 800mm and 1,200mm per second.

What’s new? The e-speed 280, the smallest in the e-speed portfolio. It is especially appropriate for molding thin-walled containers, buckets and lids. Named for its clamping-force potential in thousands of kilonewtons, it has about 315 tons of clamping force. At Engel’s live e-xperience in October, an e-speed 280 was equipped with an in-mold-labeling option. In addition to launching this model, Engel has updated the line. For example, the machine bed and mold-mounting platens have been geared more closely to the requirements of thin-wall packaging and molds with multiple cavities.

Benefits Economical, clean, energy-efficient operation. The presses require little oil. Thanks to Engel’s upgrades, the e-speed machines allow further reductions in wall thicknesses and cycle times.

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