Operators can replay robot moves in slow motion

Jan. 27, 2021
Wittmann Battenfeld's R9 control system can now help troubleshoot errors that cause a standstill by reviewing robot actions at any desired speed.

Video assistant Wittmann Battenfeld robots equipped with the company’s R9 control system have a digital twin installed, which displays on the TeachBox touch screen. The control system lets the operator simply program the robot’s motions, and once the robot starts operation, the digital twin records every change in position of the robot.

What’s new? Slow-motion replay. The robot’s position in each axis and all actions and teach commands are recorded and can be reviewed, with the information refreshed every four milliseconds.

Benefits Simpler troubleshooting. If a robot comes to a standstill for unknown reasons, the operator can review visualizations of the preceding 100 seconds of operation at any speed desired to find the problem and correct it to prevent future incidents.

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