Wearable performs scanning tasks handsomely

Feb. 17, 2021
Datalogic's HandScanner makes scanning tasks more efficient for workers.

HandScanner This wearable device from Datalogic can scan a variety of linear, 2-D and postal codes during packing, shipping, receiving, sorting and assembly tasks. It is available in a Standard model and a Mid Range model. The device’s hand trigger comes in several sizes for right-hand or left-hand use, has a Velcro fastener to ensure a good fit, and can be operated with or without gloves. The HandScanner gives users LED light, sound and vibration signal feedback.

What’s new? The HandScanner.

Benefits Ease of use. Users can perform scans without picking up and putting down a traditional scanner, which Datalogic said can save up to four seconds per scan, while producing 33 percent fewer errors. The HandScanner can operate up to 15 hours or 10,000 scans on a single charge and can be recharged in two hours. Accessories include a double-slot charging station.

Datalogic USA Inc., Eugene, Ore., 800-227-2633, www.datalogic.com

Vital statistics

Size, inches

1.9 by 1.7 by 0.6

Weight, ounces


Standard model range, in inches

4 to 31.5

Mid Range model range, in inches

12 to 59