Roller system avoids conveyor pitfalls

Dec. 10, 2020
Dorner's ERT250 offers low-friction conveying for large and heavy products that is suitable for cleanrooms.

ERT250 Dorner’s Edge Roller Technology (ERT) is a belt-free roller conveyor system that can move large and heavy products on pallets or trays. It uses a linear gearbox array and can be set up to include 90-degree or 180-degree corners, as well as lift-and-transfer or lift-and-rotate features. Its open roller design isn’t prone to the damage or jamming that conveyors can suffer if small parts drop into them.

What’s new? Low-friction, belt-free conveying. Because it has sealed gearbox housings that prevent leaks, and it doesn’t cause the dust and debris that belted conveyors can, it has an ISO Class 4 cleanroom rating.

Benefits Customizable setups. The ERT250 is designed so that different sections of the conveyor can operate independently from each other. For example, sections can be set to run at different speeds, or to accumulate pallets, then send them along — one or two at a time — as more pallets arrive. Maintenance is also simplified; while some manufacturers’ conveyors require the whole timing belt to be removed to work on one roller, the ERT250 is designed so users can remove and replace each roller individually.

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          Vital statistics        
          Maximum weight per pallet or tray                  250 pounds        
          Maximum speed                  121 feet per minute        
          Pallet size range, in inches                   12.6 by 12.6 to 31.5 by 31.5