Air gun eliminates static and dust

Dec. 8, 2020
The Intellistat ion air gun is light, reducing fatigue over long-term use, and is appropriate for use in clean rooms or labs.

Intellistat ion air gun Exair’s lightweight, compact static-elimination air gun is well-suited to clean room or laboratory-type environments. It can be used to remove statically charged dust and is useful for giving products a static- and dust-eliminating blowdown immediately prior to packaging.

What’s new? The Intellistat ion air gun.

Benefits Ergonomics. Weighing just over 7 ounces, the Intellistat air gun has a short-throw, fast-acting trigger for extended use without fatigue. It uses minimal compressed air and offers quick static dissipation, reducing static from 5,000 volts to less than 500 in under 1 second. It is reliable and comes with a five-year warranty.

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