Sidel palletizer boosts reach, payload

Nov. 23, 2020
CoboAccess_Pal M uses a Yaskawa HC20 cobot to offer a reach of 5.6 feet and a maximum payload of 30.9 pounds.

CoboAccess_Pal This palletizer from Sidel features an intuitive HMI and a Yaskawa HC20 cobot, which can reach speeds of up to six cycles per minute, and stack boxes as high as 6.2 feet.

What’s new? The M version.

Benefits Increased payload and reach. The M version has a payload of 30.9 pounds, and a reach of 5.6 feet. The CoboAccess_Pal improves worker safety by taking on tasks that would require repetitive, strenuous manual labor while also allowing safe worker interaction without requiring fencing. The palletizing cell can be repositioned to another line by one worker using a pallet jack, and it can be set up at its new location in less than 10 minutes.

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