Gripper now works with more cobots

Nov. 24, 2020
Schunk's Co-Act EGH gripper has added Techman and Omron to its repertoire, and updates are coming for even more cobots.

Co-Act EGH gripper This cobot gripper from Schunk is suited for handling and assembly tasks, offering  flexible gripping and moving of small to mid-sized workpieces. Its gripping movement features parallel kinematics for constant gripping force over the entire stroke

What’s new? Incremental force control. A firmware update allows for stepped percentages of gripping force to be used, instead of only 100 percent of gripping force. The EGH gripper debuted for use with Universal Robots cobots, but new plugins allow its use on Techman and Omron cobots, with updates for more cobots in the works.

Benefits Ease of use. With the available starter kit, users can set up and start moving workpieces within about 30 minutes of unpacking. It comes with everything needed to connect to a cobot, including finger sets, cabling, mounting hardware, tools for mounting and software.

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