New scanner digitizes small objects

Dec. 4, 2020
Thor3D's Calibry Mini shares some performance capabilities of the earlier Calibry scanner, including the ability to scan objects with black or shiny surfaces.

Calibry Mini This 3-D scanner from Thor3D, Moscow, is designed to digitally scan small objects, from 0.79 inch to 11.8 inch in length. It comes with a 4-inch touch screen and can capture 25 to 30 frames per second. The device can be used as a hand-held scanner, or as a stationary scanner with a tripod and turntable. The U.S. distributor for Thor3D products is Physimetrics.

What’s new? The Calibry Mini, which shares the hardware and software of its predecessor, but is designed for scanning smaller objects.

Benefits Affordable, professional-quality scanning. With a maximum accuracy to within 0.07mm, it is well-suited to reverse engineering and some inspection/quality-control tasks. It uses a blue LED light source and can capture hard-to-scan objects, such as those with black or shiny surfaces. The software’s Live3D feature shows the entire scanned object.

Physimetrics Inc., Roswell, Ga., 770-642-6858,